Integrated Banking Platform - Great Opportunity

For Small and Micro Businesses

The banking system plays an important role in any economy . Naxetra offers small and micro businesses an unique opportunity to sign up for integrated platform that accelerates their day - day business activities. 

Naxetra offers you business banking together with integrated accounting software, tax management and other business tools, providing owners of small and start-up businesses with the tools to efficiently manage their business. So whether you're a start-up, sole trader, freelancer, or limited company director, Naxetra provides you tools that are simple yet powerful and effective.

We have especially designed our tools to be easy to use, requiring no detailed knowledge of accounting, tax or other business software. By giving you tools that are designed to make your business administration easier, you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.Naxetra is available on both mobile and web.  With multi-user access and staff expense cards, your whole team can benefit from our solution.  You can assign tasks to your team to spread your workload.

At Naxetra, we are guided by the needs of smaller businesses and providing tools designed to make doing business easier.  We are receptive to your needs and your feedback to continue to develop our solutions for your business success