Business Banking

Fully integrated business banking made easy and saving time for the things that you enjoy

  • Sign-up for a business current account
  • UK bank account number and sort code
  • IBAN for international receipts
  • Manage your account with mobile and web access
  • Send and receive payments instantly
  • Business debit Mastercard
  • In-app customer support
  • Sole traders or limited companies

Get paid faster

  • Create invoices within the app
  • Select from multiple invoice templates in minutes
  • Add your logo to your invoice in minutes
  • Email to your customers in minutes
  • Receive due date reminders
  • Automatically remind customers on due invoices with payment links in minutes
  • In-app customer support
  • We will match receipt against your invoice and notify you in minutes

Track and record your expenses

  • Automatically categorise transactions
  • Use your digital assistant to automatically set-up expense payment
  • Attach receipt to your transaction
  • Attach notes to remind you

Fully integrated accounting

  •  No need for separate accounting software
  • Manage your tax and VAT and avoid surprises
  • Review your income and expense trends
  • Free access for your accountant

    Multi-user access

    •  Multi-user access for the team
    • Separate user profiles for bank account access
    • Get a business debit Mastercard for all users and track usage
    • Provide team access to accounting and other tools


      Manage your business expenses

      •  Manage your expenses with dedicated corporate business debit Mastercards
      • Use a virtual or physical card
      • Get cards for your team usage
      • Manage cards individually or in aggregate
      • View outstanding business expenses to plan cash flow
      • Schedule expenses for payment
      • Receive reminders of due dates

        Control your expenses

        • Merchant level category control limits
        • Control card spend limits via the app or web
        • Enable / disable cards
        • Alert control (Text / Email)
        • Daily and transaction limits
        • Disable international spend

          Categorise your expenses

          • Statements for each card
          •  Review transactions by user
          • Automatically categorise transactions
          • Attach receipts and notes
          • Categorise transactions for tax purposes


          Manage all your accounting and business finances in one tool

          •  Online accounting software
          • Fully integrated with banking
          • Easy to use
          • Online business performance dashboards
          • Forecast profitability and cash
          • Provide free access to your accountant in minutes

            Keep on top of your finances

            •  Link to multiple bank accounts
            • Create new invoices
            • Manage your supplier invoices
            • Forecast cash needs
            • Create reports to view your business finances in minutes
            • Create your year end accounts

              Manage your taxes

              • Create invoices within the app
              • Account for your taxes
              • Forecast tax expenses
              • Submit to HMRC
              • MTD compliance

              Business Apps

              Manage your customers and business development

              •  Customer Management tools
              • Maintain your contacts database
              • Track your business development activities
              • Prepare and submit proposals
              • Assess your sales pipeline

                Manage your staff administration and record keeping

                • Human Resources tools
                • Securely record staff details
                • Perform employee admin
                • Track salaries and holidays
                • Set staff objectives
                • Record performance appraisals

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